Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well good evening my friends! So today marked another interesting day in my life. I pretty much went and studied the entire day. How boring! I studied all day just to go take my Geography 101 midterm and miss all the questions that I specifically trained myself for. LOL. FML!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


WOW! Okay so I have one of the coolest experiences today. I was in a rush because I couldn't find parking up near campus. I had just finished printing off my paper at home and was getting ready to go to class. I had to return to my apartment and park then walk up to class. However, I decided to place my paper in my copy of Goode's World Atlas, which I conveniently decided to leave on the front seat of my car. Upon reaching class I realized that I had left it in my car and I thought to myself "Hey, its okay its just down in the Y parking lot." Then it dawned on me, its 4 blocks away at my apartment! OH NO! I prepared myself to sprint and run to grab my paper and book it back to campus. Then I had an idea! I could email the document to myself and go downstairs and print it off! But my second dilemma hit, I did not have any money on my signature card! It appeared that I was SOL. But let me tell you, Mormons are Christians. At least Christian was. I went down and immediately saw someone that was printing something off and I approached him and asked him if I gave him a buck if he would print off a paper for me. He said yes! And he didn't even take my dollar! His name was Christian and I am eternally in his debt. That was prolly one of the coolest things to happen to me by a random stranger. Thank you again Christian!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well my friends this will be a nice short post as I have an arseload of homework to do. Today was a good day save the fact that it seems like every time I try to be helpful I end up failing. I guess all I can do is keep on trying and hoping.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well Hello my friends! This is the first time that I have technically written here, I hope that this will help you guys see what is going on in my life these days. I have never been really good at consistently writing in a written journal, so i'm hoping that this will help me write more frequently about my life. I hope that one day my kids will be able to read this stuff and laugh at me (or with me) about how much of a dork I am.

So I'm sitting in my Geography 275 class and there is this really annoying girl sitting in front of me. She keeps hitting the back of her chair, and since all the desks are right up, cheek to jowl, she
keeps banging my desk into the wall! She also keeps hitting my laptop with her hair and yeah, it's frustrating. :) But I'm trying to keep myself happy.

I would like to share a funny experience that I had. The other night, Chelsea Leigh and I were traveling down Center street in Provo headed towards IHOP in Orem. I was driving the speed limit, I was not doing anything irrational or driving erratically. But, all of a sudden a cop decides to flip a U-Turn and starts following me. I quickly check everything that he could possible pull me over for. (Check) I check to make sure I had my wallet on me.(Check) I was certain that he would not pull me over, so I relaxed. And then the lights flash on. Great. Chelsea was getting nervous over in the seat next to me. All I could do was crack my window so that the cold did not get in, and also so I could maximize the chance that I could get my window back up. (My driver side window is having issues) He steps up and craftily hides right by the door frame with his gun ready to be drawn. "License and registration please." As I fumble around trying to find the registration. Nervously we both sit in the car and await the judgment that will be levied. My brain was racing trying to think of anything that he could possibly get me for. Bald tires? Driving not in the correct lane? How could I drive in the correct lane! It was snowing and everyone else had drove in the exact same lan
e I was in! I was just following the ruts created in the snow! Oh he is returning. "Sir, this car is registered to Ronald Taylor Jones, are you him?" "No sir, that is my father." was my weak reply. "Well there is just a warrant out for the arrest of a Ronald T Jones, but I guess he wouldn't be him either as he was born in 1977. Have a nice night." Wow, I was speechless. I guess my biggest question is what made him run my plates and what made him decide that my car was possibly the car that this Ronald T Jones would be driving? I wonder if my father has been pulled over lately.

That is the latest and the greatest from me!
Oh one other new thing in my life would be this game that Chelsea and I are playing called: Killer Bunnies. I would have to say that this game is alot of fun! I have had experience playing the game Munchkin which is also a lot of fun, but I have had a lot more fun playing this game! Its harder because you have to place two cards down that will play in order. This means that you have to plan a few turns in advance! You also can only have a total of 7 cards (5 in hand and 2 in play) The other fun thing is there are about 12 more expansions to the original game which add a lot more to the game experience. I would recommend this game to anyone looking to start a collection. I would say that Chelsea and I have had a few grumpy moments with this game, so we are looking for more people to play with us! So drop me a line and we'll set up a party!
- SS