Wednesday, January 28, 2009


WOW! Okay so I have one of the coolest experiences today. I was in a rush because I couldn't find parking up near campus. I had just finished printing off my paper at home and was getting ready to go to class. I had to return to my apartment and park then walk up to class. However, I decided to place my paper in my copy of Goode's World Atlas, which I conveniently decided to leave on the front seat of my car. Upon reaching class I realized that I had left it in my car and I thought to myself "Hey, its okay its just down in the Y parking lot." Then it dawned on me, its 4 blocks away at my apartment! OH NO! I prepared myself to sprint and run to grab my paper and book it back to campus. Then I had an idea! I could email the document to myself and go downstairs and print it off! But my second dilemma hit, I did not have any money on my signature card! It appeared that I was SOL. But let me tell you, Mormons are Christians. At least Christian was. I went down and immediately saw someone that was printing something off and I approached him and asked him if I gave him a buck if he would print off a paper for me. He said yes! And he didn't even take my dollar! His name was Christian and I am eternally in his debt. That was prolly one of the coolest things to happen to me by a random stranger. Thank you again Christian!

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