Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got a new Car.

Yay got a new car. Mazda 3 and It really does zoom zoom.

Monday, March 2, 2009



FML... So I totally was in the SWKT and I was working on a geography project, when Blamo! All the computer turn off and the lights go out. I come up stairs along with all the other confused students and over hear from a worker that the power decided to go down, Campus wide. How very interesting. Makes me really happy that I managed to get my Jamba Juice early, or I would defiantly be SOL. So yeah I can see alot of people in their classes getting out and walking around in a dazed stupor, prolly not comprehending the campus wide nature of this incident. I feel like a super blogger able to send out this incident as it happens. I wish that Chelsea was with me as she was not feeling well and went somewhere to rest. I hope that we can find each other. I'm just back sitting where we were before with a nice fresh Jamba waiting.

More to come on this development later.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well now. Another week has flown by. Another month has rocketed by. And First Midterms are upon us! WHAT? Where did all the time go? Why do we have to be tested on the things we learn in class? With this day and age of information at our fingertips via the Internet, why is it important to know imports and exports of other countries when one can just Google it? Why do we need to study maths when one can just use a calculator to run the simulations for us?

Soon, I must go and prostitute my blood to make money so that I can survive. It's a lovely way to make some cash, but its really hard to find the time to spend about 2 hours. We have to take a test tonight, and also prepare to try and take two tests this weekend (Saturday). I will prolly only take one on Saturday (120) and save my Asia test for next week on either Monday or Tuesday. Wish me luck!

I love you Chelsea Leigh!

Here is the funny picture I found.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I wanted to write something for anyone that stumbles across this blog, or to any of our friends that peek at this. I just want you to know something that I have thusly learned about relationships and marriage. You have to learn to go with the little things in life or when big things come along, you won't stay afloat. I have learned to cherish all the little fun things that life brings our way. I have learned to love taking the time to smell the roses, and in short, just taking the time. In this day and age when we are technology driven and constantly on the move, it takes a toll on our relationships unless we learn this concept. Just the other night, I had the most fun I have ever had at twelve midnight because I saw that there was a huge patch of ice underneath an overhang outside Chelsea Leigh's house. I grabbed Chelsea and made her "Ice Skate" with me on it. It was clumsy and not really skating, more like sliding, but it was an excuse to get close to her, and to enjoy some simple, little, cute, moment with her. Or just the other day we had the "Spider Pig" song stuck in our heads the entire day. I am not much of a dancer, but I have desire to learn so that Chelsea and I can enjoy dancing together. So I grabbed her and started waltzing in her living room. We had no music so I started singing the "Spider Pig" song. And now every time something happens, it happens to that music. She got a new shirt that has cute clouds on it. Ever so often there is a cloud that has fangs and lightning coming out of its butt. So I started calling her a "Vampire Cloud". (Singing it to her to the tune said above.)

Life, and love, Marriage and companionship, truly comes down to things like this. Things that help to keep you sane and waiting for the next new day. Things that when one or the other or both are grumpy, keep you together and remind you that this soon shall pass. I love you Chelsea Leigh, and yes, I have posted this on both blogs. (:


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well good evening my friends! So today marked another interesting day in my life. I pretty much went and studied the entire day. How boring! I studied all day just to go take my Geography 101 midterm and miss all the questions that I specifically trained myself for. LOL. FML!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


WOW! Okay so I have one of the coolest experiences today. I was in a rush because I couldn't find parking up near campus. I had just finished printing off my paper at home and was getting ready to go to class. I had to return to my apartment and park then walk up to class. However, I decided to place my paper in my copy of Goode's World Atlas, which I conveniently decided to leave on the front seat of my car. Upon reaching class I realized that I had left it in my car and I thought to myself "Hey, its okay its just down in the Y parking lot." Then it dawned on me, its 4 blocks away at my apartment! OH NO! I prepared myself to sprint and run to grab my paper and book it back to campus. Then I had an idea! I could email the document to myself and go downstairs and print it off! But my second dilemma hit, I did not have any money on my signature card! It appeared that I was SOL. But let me tell you, Mormons are Christians. At least Christian was. I went down and immediately saw someone that was printing something off and I approached him and asked him if I gave him a buck if he would print off a paper for me. He said yes! And he didn't even take my dollar! His name was Christian and I am eternally in his debt. That was prolly one of the coolest things to happen to me by a random stranger. Thank you again Christian!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well my friends this will be a nice short post as I have an arseload of homework to do. Today was a good day save the fact that it seems like every time I try to be helpful I end up failing. I guess all I can do is keep on trying and hoping.