Friday, February 6, 2009


Well now. Another week has flown by. Another month has rocketed by. And First Midterms are upon us! WHAT? Where did all the time go? Why do we have to be tested on the things we learn in class? With this day and age of information at our fingertips via the Internet, why is it important to know imports and exports of other countries when one can just Google it? Why do we need to study maths when one can just use a calculator to run the simulations for us?

Soon, I must go and prostitute my blood to make money so that I can survive. It's a lovely way to make some cash, but its really hard to find the time to spend about 2 hours. We have to take a test tonight, and also prepare to try and take two tests this weekend (Saturday). I will prolly only take one on Saturday (120) and save my Asia test for next week on either Monday or Tuesday. Wish me luck!

I love you Chelsea Leigh!

Here is the funny picture I found.

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