Monday, March 2, 2009



FML... So I totally was in the SWKT and I was working on a geography project, when Blamo! All the computer turn off and the lights go out. I come up stairs along with all the other confused students and over hear from a worker that the power decided to go down, Campus wide. How very interesting. Makes me really happy that I managed to get my Jamba Juice early, or I would defiantly be SOL. So yeah I can see alot of people in their classes getting out and walking around in a dazed stupor, prolly not comprehending the campus wide nature of this incident. I feel like a super blogger able to send out this incident as it happens. I wish that Chelsea was with me as she was not feeling well and went somewhere to rest. I hope that we can find each other. I'm just back sitting where we were before with a nice fresh Jamba waiting.

More to come on this development later.

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